Onsen des hommes de métiers
échanger; vous accompagner; réussir ensemble.

Assignments and diligences references                                     

  specific problem-solving calling on precise skills,


across-the-board missions involving joined-up thinking of the team



_Luxury goods

Coaching a multicultural indistrial partnership.




Coaching family transmission of ownership and management.



_Specialised distribution

Financial restructuring. Coaching in strategy.




Strategic repositioning of company. Re-engineering.




Audit and evaluation of a target company.




Export strategy.




Demonstration of added value of intellectual capital.




Definition of strategy and business model.




Audit of company plan, strategy definition , Implementation of commercial tools.



_Luxury goods

International development, implementation of marketing-mix, partner search, implementation of communication strategy as part of international sales’ development support.




Definition and implementation of commercial strategy.




 Implementation of decentralised organisation. Establishment and supervision of a network of small business investors.




Executive strategy consulting and coaching.



_Transport & Logistics

 Consulting in supply chain management.



_High Tech

Evaluation and formalisation of development processes; implementation of strategic innovations’ steering committee.




Provided support in redefinition of development and expansion strategy.




Strategic analysis of Asian markets and recommendations on positioning of products.




Management training and coaching of research staff and innovative project development teams and individuals.



_Many confidential succession planning missions

and crisis management missionsin Boiler-making, cutlery, Brewery, Property sectors…





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